Criminal Justice Reform

I have spent most of my adult life working in the criminal justice system.  Having owned and operated a successful substance abuse treatment center for over 5 years now and offering services state-wide I have a great understanding of our criminal justice system and where we can improve.  Recently I worked with Rep. Shurtliff on criminal justice reform legislation that was supported by prosecutors and public defenders. Too often when we hear “criminal justice reform” we hear a them vs us mentality.  We are a community and I plan on introducing legislation that puts the interest and safety of all Utahns to make Utah’s criminal justice system something that can be an example across the country.

    • Grants to municipalities that have a high diversity rate to implement community relationships with the police.
    • Address the problems and unethical practices of predatory probation.
    • More oversight and accountability on the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Justice Reform Initiative (JRI).
    • Work with our local elected and community leaders to improve race relations with our police officers.
    • Supporting our county and municipal law enforcement in the fight against gang violence and the opioid epidemic hurting our communities.
    • Improve our drug prevention and DARE programs in our schools to create meaningful and lasting results.

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