I currently work at a high school in inner-city Ogden working with the Ogden Tech College to help students receive a business certificate while in high school.  Every day I see the passion and commitment our teachers are giving to our kids. Not only do I see it, but I am a product of good public education and high quality teachers who didn’t give up on me.  I will be a voice for our schools down in the Utah Legislature and make sure our priorities are focused on where it should be… the classroom.

    • Work with state leaders to increase teacher pay, decrease class sizes
    • Work with local school boards to address Weber’s low graduation rates and put forward legislation to help fix that.
    • We are at a point in time where public education is competing with charter and private schools.  Competition can be a good thing. It forces those competing to keep at a high standard. However, we need to provide our schools, teachers, administration the proper funding and tools to remain competitive with those other education entities.
    • I will respect the Utah constitution by working to build on Utah’s education fund, rather than try to bankrupt it.
    • Trade skills and tech colleges are the solution to Utah’s growing population, not the second option.  I will plan on working to highlight and promote our tech colleges as much as we do our four year degree universities and colleges.

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