Healthcare is more than a catchy campaign phrase or a generic promise, it’s personal to me.  My mother struggled with a pre-existing condition. When the doctors found out what was wrong it would have bankrupted her to get the life-saving surgery.  It wasn’t until the Affordable Care Act was passed that she could finally receive the emergency surgery and stay financially stable. Despite the progress that has been made, too many Utah families are still struggling and have to make the unthinkable decision between personal and financial health and wellbeing.  I plan to work on policies and legislation that will make real change and support those neediest in our community.

  • Support programs that improve access and affordability for healthcare and insurance.
  • When the Utah Legislature rejected the will of the people and voted down prop. 3. Not only did they take away healthcare coverage to those who needed it most, it also cost taxpayers $6.6 million each month. I will respect the will of the voters in House District 8 by expanding medicaid to those neediest in our community.
  • We need to move forward, not backwards. The Affordable Care Act has saved lives (including my mother’s) and over one million Utahn’s qualify for a pre-existing condition. As your state legislator I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to improve what we have, rather than taking away what is working for over 200,000 Utah families.
  • Utah lawmakers put in place Block Grants (work requirements). This makes it very difficult for those who are working part time (such as single parents, those going to college, etc.) to receive healthcare and after 3 months can lock them out from Medicaid. I will support legislation that reels back or removes the Block Grant requirement.

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