Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands

Some of my earliest memories as a child is hiking, camping, and fishing with my family.  My brother and I were raised on the idea that these public lands and the beauty Utah has to offer are an irreplaceable resource.  Not only are our public lands and the opportunities we have to enjoy them a boost to our economy and great ways to enjoy time with our families ,but it is a huge part of how we identify Utahns.  We all must be good stewards and as your representative I will work toward protecting our lands and ensuring that our public lands stay with the public and not private interests.

    • I understand the role our public lands play in our hobbies, traditions, and who we are as Utahns and why we call Utah home.  I will protect the rights of our fishermen and hunters.
    • Reducing air pollution.
    • Work with the National Park Service to keep parks clean, affordable, and that our state continues to flow with tourism tax dollars.
    • Making sure we don’t sell off our open space and public lands for development and gentrification.  
    • Keeping water rights with the people.

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